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[DFO] Act XVI part 2 (2/8)

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Officially “Act XVI Interlude”. 7AM-3PM PST maintenance. Quick Party (2011 3rd Awakening) – Modifications from DnF: King’s road forced and UI tweaked. Mentorship week with apprentice EXP bonus 10%->30%, Mentor Mentorship honors 1->2, Gold 5%->10%, and when apprentice levels, mentor and apprentice get 5 mentorship week tokens via mail that can be used at the machine near Grandma Oran. Guild System reworked to reduce the required EXP and gold cost to level up. Instead of getting 1 Southern Dale ticket at 3, 5 and 10 Town Invasion monster group kills, player gets 4 tickets at 3 and none thereafter.

Patch Notes

Want to Form Parties Faster? Introducing the Quick Party System!

Quick Party System

  • The Quick Party system allows you to automatically form a party with another player who is looking to run the same dungeon.
  • The party will form among players in the same channel who have requested Quick Party for the same dungeon.
  • When participating in a dungeon via Quick Party, King’s Road will be applied automatically.

Party Member Auto-Search

  • Quick Party will utilize an auto-search for party members who selected the same dungeon.
  • The search will wait until the required number of party members have been found.
  • After a few moments of searching, the party will be formed with 2 – 4 members.
  • If the search fails to find any party members, you will be brought back to town.
  • Party leaders are randomly chosen when the party is formed.

Dungeon Play

When you run a dungeon via Quick Party, a basic bonus and random buff will be applied:

Dungeon Clearance

  • Upon clearing a dungeon, Party Leaders can recruit additional members to run the same dungeon.
  • Parties with 3 or less members will auto search for more players before running the dungeon again.

Special Benefits for Allies now during Mentorship Week!

Mentorship Week

Mentorship Week will run sporadically to further benfit both Mentors and Apprentices in Alliances.

Mentorship Week Benefits

During Mentorship Week, allies will receive extra bonus benefits, and will be able to take advantage of the exclusive Mentorship Machine, reserved only for Mentors and Apprentices!

When you level up your Alliance during Mentorship Week, you will receive Mentorship Week Tokens via mail. Use them in the Mentorship Machine to obtain various rewards!

Revamped Leveling in the Guild System!

Lower Level Guild Revamp

  • Guild EXP and Level Up Fee required for Guilds will now be lowered.
  • With newly reduced requirements, leveling your new Guild has never been easier!

Higher Level Guild Revamp

  • Entering Southern Dale, where you can obtain material items needed to purchase Guild EXP Books, is now easier.
  • You now receive 4 Southern Dale Entry Tickets by participating in Town Invasion 3 times.
  • Participate in Town Invasion starting at 6 pm PST every Wednesday and Friday, and use the rewards to enter Southern Dale, where you can obtain valuable material items used for leveling your Guild.

In Practice

  • In addition to forcing king’s road Quick Party has a different interface then DnF:
  • Guild EXP Required to level reduced by 20%. (i.e. 11=120890, 16=424718).
  • Guild Level Up cost reduced by 40% (i.e. 10=2940000).



  • Extended Sweet Time and Surprise Sale!(3/7-3/15)
    • Sweet Time extended to 3/10
    • Sale on various items from 3/8-3/15 7AM PST
      • Bind Cube: NX 650
      • Kaleido Box: NX 800
      • Skeleton Key Fragment: NX 300
      • Golden Candle: NX 1,300
  • The Mysterious Goblin Market!(2/22-3/7)

    • Burn 50 BP, earn 5 Goblin Coins (up to 20 a day, untradeable)
    • Goblin Coins are used to purchase items from a goblin that will appear to Lorianne 2 hours at a time [Ed: No time specified].
    • Goblin sells Consumables, APCs, and Avatars. Contents change every visit.
    • Once a day Goblin has a sale for 30 minutes [Ed: No time specified].
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Event! (2/22-3/7)– Limit 1 each per account; applicable items:
    • Skeleton Key Fragment (400NX)
    • Skeleton Key (1400NX)
    • Bind Cube (750NX)
    • Kaleido Box (900NX)
    • 1 day Lethe’s Contract (4900NX)
    • 3 day Conqueror’s Contract (2000NX)
    • 3 day Tactician Contract (3500NX)
    • 100 Remy’s Touches (3900NX)

  • President’s Day Weekend Events!(2/18-2/20)
    • 2/18-19: 2x Clear EXP + Golden Goblin
    • 2/20: 3x Clear EXP + Golden Goblin
  • Animal Attraction Packages! (-2/22) [Ed: 2011 Children’s day+2010 LNYDnF take]

    • 7 piece event set with advanced hat (no skin)
      • Available in 4 colors
      • Using a clear cube skill makes character say unique things related to the animal the avatar set is themed as. [Ed: ~33% chance or bugged…]
    • Wild Tiger Pet – Golden or (Rare) Albino Tiger.
      • Golden: +20 STR+INT, Att/Cast Speed +2%
      • Albino: +25 STR+INT, Att/Cast/Move Speed +2%
    • “Premium Chocolate Box” – Random items (NX included) in quantities of 1, 10, 100 and 1000. Tradeable.
    • 7 day Lethe+Tactician+Conqueror contracts
    • Price: 26,900NX
  • Love is in the Air!(-3/7 3/10) – All [event] items are untradable and expire on 3/7

    • “SWEET TIME!” – Thu+Sat 6-8PM cards that don’t give an item give “2x hunting EXP” and happy valentines
      • Turn in happy valentines to Streadolfitz (1/day max) and get either:
        • Soul Candy – HP+MP recovery
        • Chalky Heart Candy – Phys+Mag crit buff
        • St. Valentines Growth Potion – 2x [clear] EXP
    • “Secret Love Letters!” – collect love letters (mob material drops) and turn into NPCs for cube pieces, chaos stone fragments, healing items et al.
  • Get a Hat Trick (12/15-3/15) – Have/Get level 20 in DN, DFO, and VN
    • DN (Dragon’s Nest) rewards: Adventurer’s Bag (10 Slots), Dragon Egg, Extra Storage (10 Slots), 50x Item Protection Jelly, 50x Quick HP Gain Potion, 50x Quick MP Gain Potion
    • VN (Vindictus) rewards: 5x Enhancement Runes
    • DFO rewards: 5x Bind Cube, 100x Remy’s Touch, 5x Skeleton Key, 10x Life Token, 5x Echo Megaphone
    • Other rewards: Samsung Galaxy Tab (3 Players), $25 Karma Koin (30 Players); If 5,000 Players meet goal: Alienware Aurora Desktop (3 Players), $50 Karma Koin (30 Players)

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